Top Technology

Foot Scan Analysis – Custom Orthotics

feetYour feet are some of the most important body parts that you have, yet many of us often forget that they are there, until they hurt of course.

Your feet, in fact, are the foundation to your body and can play an important roll in your posture and other underlying structural problems. Here at Simpson Chiropractic we know that know that evaluating your feet will help us uncover the TRUE cause of your problem

Titronics Infra Red Imaging

With the latest from Titronics Imaging we can even locate the location pinched nerve. We have been using this technology for some time now and the referrals we are getting for this diagnostic aide prove it is one of the best Chiropractic innovations of the decade.


Another great innovation of the 21st century, this nerve stimulator regenerates and helps heal damage caused by trauma and stress to nerves.

Balance Plate