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Best Ways to Combat Carpal Tunnel

Best Ways to Combat Carpal Tunnel

If you work in an office or perform the same tasks with your wrists, carpal tunnel can be a very real threat to your lifestyle. This is because carpal tunnel syndrome targets the nerves in your wrists, as repetitive strain can exert lasting pressure on your nerves, causing damage such leading to pain, numbness, and tingling that don’t seem to go away. If you are experiencing numbness, you should visit a doctor who can help you manage and treat it, but if you have a repetitive routine that presents a risk of carpal tunnel, here are some ways to prevent it from even occurring.

  1. Take a break. Simply giving yourself a couple of minutes every two or three hours is enough to stretch, flex your wrists, and give them some variety of movement in between your repetitive tasks.
  2. Improve your environment. Ergonomics is key in preventing carpal tunnel. By optimising your workplace for maximum comfort, you are able to prevent the onset of carpal tunnel with a better posture and reduced pressure on your wrists.
  3. Relax your hands. At home, decompress the stress exerted on your wrists and hands by soaking them in a cold bath for 15 minutes. This can help relieve any inflammation and preventing it from getting worse over time.
  4. Wear a wrist splint. A wrist splint can be found at your local drug store to help protect it during repetitive tasks by preventing strain and stress and providing wrist support. It’s easy to get used to wearing it, and while it may not look pretty at work, your hands are more important than the way it looks!

If you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s best to visit a doctor to have it examined and treated before it progresses into a more serious condition. Don’t delay in contacting us at Simpson Advanced Chiropractic & Medical Center to learn more about our treatment and relief solutions for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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