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Introducing Emsella: Transforming Incontinence and Cofidence

EMSELLA is a FDA cleared treatment for incontinence. Proved to work on both men and women, EMSELLA is a one-of-kind device that contracts pelvic muscles and improves incontinence!


EMSELLAB is the newest innovation in incontinence treatment!

  • Lifts entire pelvic floor
  • Improves bladder control
  • Strengthens pelvic muscles
  • Patients remain fully clothed

Experience the revolutionary Emsella treatment, a breakthrough solution for incontinence that empowers both men and women to reclaim control over their pelvic health. Discover the science behind Emsella and the transformative benefits it offers for pelvic floor strength, bladder control, and overall well-being.

Emsella for Men and Women

  • Emsella is an FDA-cleared treatment for incontinence, proven to be effective for both men and women. This unique device utilizes electromagnetic technology, specifically High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM), to contract pelvic muscles and improve bladder control, all while providing a completely non-invasive option for those suffering from incontinence.

Learn About the Benefits of Emsella

Emsella is the newest innovation in incontinence treatment, offering a range of benefits:

  • Lifts Entire Pelvic Floor: Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles for improved support and function.
  • Improves Bladder Control: Experience relief from urinary frequency and incontinence, enhancing your quality of life.
  • Strengthens Pelvic Muscles: Build strength and resilience in your pelvic muscles, promoting long-term pelvic health.
  • Sexual Health: Emsella can also aid in sexual health and function, addressing concerns such as erectile dysfunction.

The Science Behind Emsella

  • Emsella utilizes electromagnetic technology to directly cause muscle contractions in the pelvic floor. During treatment, you may feel a slight tingling sensation and tapping as the device stimulates your pelvic muscles.

Treatment Details

  • Treatment Time: Each Emsella session lasts for 30 minutes, providing a convenient and effective option for improving pelvic health.
  • Recommended Use: For optimal results, we recommend 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks. However, treatment plans may vary based on individual needs and goals.

Additional Information

  • During your Emsella treatment, you can remain fully clothed, making it a comfortable and discreet option. We recommend bringing something to read or listen to during your session to enhance your experience.

Included in Level Two Membership – Premium Service

  • Emsella is included in our Level Two Membership – Premium Service, offering you access to this innovative and effective incontinence treatment as part of our premium healthcare offerings.

Experience the confidence and freedom of improved pelvic health with Emsella. Visit our Stuart, FL location and take the first step towards a more active and fulfilling life with Emsella.

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