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Disc Decompression DRX

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Unit

THE SCIENCE: Spinal decompression helps to alleviate pressure on the spine and nerves by gently stretching and allowing for more space.

WHAT YOU WILL FEEL: Gentle full spine stretch.

TREATMENT TIME: 30 minutes

RECOMMENDED USE: depends on injury and severity of disc pain



OTHER THINGS TO KNOW: Some people feel relief after their first session, but often times multiple treatments are recommended for full, lasting results.


What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Unit

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Unit is an extremely advanced technology that instigates intermittent traction with a controlled amount of force to a specific spinal region. Should you be suffering from an injured disc it is located and gently separated, creating a slight vacuum, allowing the disc to be “pulled back in” thus taking pressure off the surrounding nerves and easing the pain.

DRX stands for…?

D.R.X. stands for Decompression Reduction Extraction. The DRX 9000 is the leader in this field and the most researched decompression device currently on available. Simpson Medical spent months of research on the subject before purchasing these particular units.

How long is an average session?

Your DX Therapy procedure will last between 25 & 30 minutes. Firstly we make you comfortable then we help mobilize the troubled area of your spine. Re-education is the next step of the procedure and we work on the lumbar muscles applying a gentle muscle stimulation that will help your muscles remain in this new position. Specific spinal injuries may also require a spinal adjustment.

When will I begin to feel the results?

Some patients begin to feel a level of relief after only three Spinal Decompression Unit sessions. The average patients tends to start feeling the results of the therapy at around the two week mark of the decompression therapy. We like to be honest here and feel we should point out that there are some exceptions and some spinal injury patients won’t start feeling results until the third or fourth week. There are various factors that affect the recovery time, including the level of the disc injury in your back and the period it has been there.

Will there be pain?

No. The decompression procedure does not hurt at all. In fact the majority of our patients say it feels quite nice. Mind you after lying down for 20-30 minutes there may be some slight discomfort when standing up, similar to what you may experience upon arising in the morning. This discomfort however is caused by the change of position and not from the Decompression Therapy

And the results?

There have been two large, independently run, studies of decompression therapy, both studies established the same results, an 86% success rate. This is of course determined by how yielding the patients are to the specific decompression therapy protocol. These results are very high. Again keeping to our ethical approach it should be noted that possibly one or two people out of every 20 will not get encouraging results and may require other types of treatment. However, the positive side is that approximately 18 out of every 20 patients that are treated by Simpson Medical and who complete the DRX Protocol can expect to have optimistic results.

So how often should I have therapy?

Our goal is to remove the bulging disc pressure from the nerve root. This means re-educating the disc/s and muscles to be in a better position, therefore the frequency and number of session can vary depending on the severity of your case. However, typically you would be prescribed twenty sessions, broken down 5 daily sessions for two weeks, followed up by three daily sessions per week for two further weeks. Then the final treatments would be twice a week for two weeks.

Is it expensive?

Compared to what? Surgery? Well if it’s a less-than-active lifestyle or degenerating a disc in your spine, the Spinal Decompression Unit option is reasonably priced. Assuming your condition required the sessions described above 20 muscle stimulation sessions and three to twelve muscle strengthening rehabilitation sessions would be required over the course of six weeks. Please call for our latest pricing.

Does my insurance cover the cost?

Most health insurance companies recognize the true value of this type of therapy as opposed to going under the knife and do cover it. However, your coverage may vary depending on your policy. We are able to verify your insurance and to what level it covers your treatment before you commence any treatments.

In the unlikely event that your insurance does not cover the cost, having an 86% chance of positive results to correct a chronic or recurrent disc injury in your spine should be considered well worth the cost.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

Studies have shown 86% positive results using decompression therapy. This 86% success rate, however, is only achieved when a certain protocol is followed. It is the consistency of the decompression therapy that makes it so effective. Missing an appointment will slow down the results. Certainly, crises in life happen and you may have to miss an appointment. These missed sessions may affect the outcome.

As always at Simpson Medical & Chiropractic we try to accommodate all our patients. If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, we may be able to schedule you later in that day. Though due to the high demand for the Spinal Decompression units themselves, it may be difficult to reschedule your appointment.

What clothes should I wear?

There is a harness that attaches to your lower back and goes between your legs. Dresses or skirts would not be appropriate. Shorts and comfortable slacks would be more desirable.

Neck Traction

This procedure can be performed either manually (by the doctor’s hands) or mechanically (with the use of a table). It is commonly utilized to reduce pressure on the discs of the neck or lower back. With traction, the discs are decompressed, thereby relieving nerve pain, tissue inflammation and pressure cause by herniated or bulging discs. This is a painless procedure that patients most often find very comfortable and pleasant.

Traction helps by stretching out the patient’s back, helping to align the spine and relieving back pain.

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