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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Sit Back, Relax, Get Healthy!

Simpson Medical is now offering Hormone Replacement Therapy options at our offices.

Revive your drive with natural therapies to feel like yourself again!

Our weight loss solutions include a variety of medical therapies, including the following:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Men & Women
  • Testosterone therapy
  • HcG Therapy
  • Sermorelin Therapy
  • Ipamorelin Therapy
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Injectable Vitamins
  • Lipotropics

Hormones are responsible for some of the most important functions of the body like energy, muscle tone, quality of sleep, motivation, mental clarity, libido, and overall mood. Studies have shown, balanced hormones are essential for good health and disease prevention as we age. Hormone Replacement Therapy optimizes hormone levels so that you are always at your peak performance no matter your stage in life.

Studies have shown that men begin losing testosterone at a rate of 3% to 10% per year beginning at age 30. Medical research has defined the male equivalent to menopause as andropause. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men may include fatigue, lack of mental clarity, loss of libido, and difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection.

For women, estrogen is the most important hormone; the loss of estrogen puts them at an increased risk for osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, impaired vision and Parkinson’s disease. The longer a woman is without estrogen, the greater her risk for serious health consequences.

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