I would recommend the care from Simpson Chiropractic without hesitation. The caring staff and knowledgeable doctors were amazing during my attack of sciatica last year. With degenerative issues, bulging & herniated disks as well as bone spurs, I feel that, without a doubt, ‘they’ contributed to my healing success. I’m so glad that I chose this practice over an orthopedic surgeon!

Julie B.

Excellent office and staff! They were able to arrange a same day appointment with me. Dr. Schiermyer was nothing short of amazing! The staff was extremely polite and professional. Definitely will return in the future.

Jenn M.

The Simpson team has always gone above and beyond when it comes to First Responders. The latest Hurricane had many of us helping each other, family and those in need throughout the community prepare for what was heading our way.
Long hours and lifting items over hedges and in the air took a toll on my body, completely throwing it out of alinement causing discomfort.
Dr. Simpson not only came in several hours before the storm, but also met me hours after to correct my posture and making sure I was back in full swing.
It’s very comforting knowing he cares and the best part was his son picking out a toy to share with my lil boy.

Stephen G.

You can tell the moment you walk into the building that you are in great hands. The office has the most soothing, “feel good” atmosphere and the front staff girls are so sweet – it definitely doesn’t feel like a medical office. I was nervous about getting my first adjustment but Dr. Simpson was so kind and reassuring; he talked me through everything and answered all my questions to help me feel comfortable with it.

My fiance originally went to Dr. Simpson for the food sensitivity test to help with his stomach/skin issues. After seeing the great results he had, and with our wedding coming up, I finally tried it for myself. Dr. Simpson and his wife Jessica, went through everything with me very thoroughly, explaining how I don’t need to cut out the foods forever, just three months, and than slowly re-introduce them. It took some adjusting, but the kit came with a lot of useful tools including a business card size list of which foods I should avoid. That made it much easier to always keep track and show others (waitresses, friends) what I need to avoid. They also had me add in some easy to take, supplements each morning for a holistic approach to making me feel the best possible before my big day!
Simpson Chiropractic & Medical Center has really offered us an all-inclusive place to turn to for ALL of our health questions. They are so easy to open up to and I trust that they will give us the best and most natural approach to keep our body, mind & soul feeling great!

McKenzie C

Thank you for your TLC feeling so much better”. Continuing to move forward”. Thank you”.

Roberta C.

I would recommend Simpson Chiropractic to anyone very professional and courteous

Norm C.

Excellent courteous and very helpful care about you and fixing it or at least trying to get your body back to normal

Jessica W.

Dr. Simpson is the best chiropractor in this area. He is the only doctor who was able to rid me of my sciatica by putting me on the DRX. My entire family goes to Dr. Simpson and I refer him to everyone!

Debbie J.

I never realized how important chiropractic is and how it ties into your everyday health regimen until I started going to Simpson! They are amazing!

Holly T.