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Interferential Current/EMS Therapy

Interferential Current/EMS Therapy

Inferential current (electro-muscle stimulation) is a pain relief method that works by administering small amounts of electricity on to the tissue located on or near the area of discomfort. These electrical impulses triggers your body to release pain relief hormones (endorphins) that help to reduce the amount of pain in the target area. It is also helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation in tissue. Interferential current is painless and patients commonly report a “tingling” or “pins and needles” type of sensation when it is applied.

The electrical impulses are low in power so do not pose a risk to your body. They are always administered by a medical professional in optimum clinic conditions for your safety at all times.

The IFC signals are extremely high-frequency, meaning they penetrate deep into tissue to relieve the hardest-to-reach of areas. This helps to harness the body’s own natural healing abilities. Inferential current also helps to reduce inflammation in tissue in addition to its use to manage and treat chronic pain.

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