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Get a personalized, effective wellness plan formulated to your individual needs.

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Stay Active

Marissa, 42

Focus: Physical Performance/Sports Recovery, Pain Relief

Wellness Collective Treatments: Cold Water Plunge, Infrared Sauna, Red Light Pod, Chiropractic, Stretch, Cold Laser, Massage, Decompression

“I workout A LOT, and want to keep performing and feeling my best.”

Stay Fit

Terron, 52

Focus: Weight Loss, Muscle Tone

Wellness Collective Treatments: Infrared Sauna, Red Light Pod, Emsculpt NEO, Semiglutides

“I know I’m not twenty anymore, but I still wanted to get rid of those stubborn spots”

Stay Young

Tammy, 66

Focus: Appearance, Anti-Aging

Wellness Collective Treatments: Endymed Intensive, Botox, HRT, NADP+ Therapy

“Age is just a number and aging gracefully is what you do after you work on everything else.”

Stay Relaxed

Lauren, 43

Focus: Relaxation, Energy+Focus

Wellness Collective Treatments: Infrared Sauna, Himalayan Salt Suite, Chiropractic, Massage, IV Therapy

“I’m a busy mom. Sometimes I just need an escape and an adult-styled time out”

Stay Well

Darren, 54

Focus: Immune Boost, Overall Wellness

Wellness Collective Treatments: Himalayan Salt Suite, Cold Water Plunge, Infrared Sauna, Chiropractic, Vitamin Injection

“I make sure I’m doing all I can to ‘stay well’. I never take my health for granted.”

WELLNESS COLLECTIVE has everything you need IN ONE PLACE.

Health, Longevity + Wellness is not one-size fits all. Your plan needs to be customized so that it takes into account your body, your lifestyle and your personal wants and needs.

That’s how you not only navigate all our services but enjoy the best results.

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