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Common Injuries in Summer

Common Injuries in Summer

Summer is the number one time of the year for knee, hip, and ankle injuries. It’s not uncommon for people to spend time playing sports outside that they are fairly unprepared for. For example, if you’ve spent your winter sitting on the couch in front of the television set and then, without stretching, join in on a game of football in your front yard with your neighbors, then you’re more than likely going to get hurt in some way. Of course, this is just one example. Most people end up in the emergency room, and then a sports care institute for additional treatments, in the summertime.

Outdoor Activities Equal Injuries

What typically goes on during the summertime? The answer here is simple: outdoor activities. People head to the park to go for a jog. They sign up for 5K and 10K races that are scheduled during these warmer months. On top of this, people also head to the beach, the golf course, and just about anywhere buy the inside of a traditional gym. After all, why work out indoors when you can be outside? The warm weather won’t stick around for long.

Although there usually isn’t anything wrong with being outside of long stretches of time, accidents can occur when you least expect them to. That jog in the park can be interrupted when you trip over a tree root, a stone, or even a branch on the path, twisting your ankle. Trying to play volleyball on the beach can lead to a shoulder, hip, or even knee injury. You can hurt yourself playing golf, or even during one of those races. While none of this should prevent you from enjoying these activities, you do need to keep in mind that you might get hurt.

The Options When You Injure Yourself

If you should happen to hurt yourself while out and about in the summer months, the first thing that you need to do is get checked out. There’s always the possibility that you broke or chipped a bone. In addition, even what seems like a simple sprain might become something that plagues you for some time to come. When this happens, you do have options, such as regenerative techniques and even surgery.

Although surgery is often the last option after those regenerative techniques have been attempted (in many cases, the regenerative options work well enough that surgery isn’t needed), it can help you move around freely again after the healing period is over. This all depends on how badly you managed to hurt yourself while trying to have fun during those warm summer months.

Don’t let a fear of an injury stop you from having fun. Now that you know that you have options in case you do hurt yourself, you can relax and enjoy your time outdoors on the weekends. Those summer days won’t last forever, and at some point, you’ll end up back indoors when the weather turns.

Contact us today at Simpson Advanced Chiropractic and Medical to learn how we can help you get back on your feet and enjoy the most of the summer!

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