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EMPSCULPT Muscle Toning: Get Ready for Summer!

EMPSCULPT Muscle Toning: Get Ready for Summer!

Summer will be here soon, so it’s not too early to start toning your muscles and burning fat for your beach body. Dr. Charles Simpson and the staff at Simpson Advanced Chiropractic and Medical Center are highly trained in EMPSCULPT fat removal and muscle toning treatments and can help you get your body ready for summer.

What is EMPSCULPT muscle toning?

EMPSCULPT muscle toning provides extra support to tone your stomach and lift your buttocks. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive, no-pain treatment to eliminate unwanted fat and muscles. EMPSCULPT produces magnetic energy that contacts your muscles to tone them over time through the production of new muscle mass. While this new muscle mass is forming, fat cells are also being destroyed. This treatment will help save you time as well as eliminating pain that comes with gym workouts.

Do I just need one EMPSCULPT treatment?

Typically, new patients will need at least 4 treatments to achieve desired results. These initial treatments will be done over a span of two weeks, with follow up treatments every 3-6 months.

Is an EMPSCULPT treatment painful?

EMPSCULPT treatments are usually not painful. It feels like a series of muscle contractions going along to a rhythm and is very tolerable.

What parts of the body can be toned with EMPSCULPT?

EMPSCULPT can help tone the abdomen, buttocks, triceps, and thighs. Patients will notice some areas tone faster than others. Over time, patients will notice roughly a 16% increase in muscle mass.

Want to learn more about EMPSCULPT?

Have any questions about EMPSCULPT that are answered here? Want to schedule a treatment and get started today? Call us at 772-320-5453 or visit our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we look forward to being apart of your muscle toning journey!

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