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IV Therapy – Get the Nutrients You Need!

IV Therapy

IV Therapy – Get the Nutrients You Need!

Are you looking for an easier way to get more nutrients? IV Therapy can help replenish your body and improve functionality by delivering hydration fluids, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients straight to your veins. At Simpson Medical we offer a wide range of infusion blends to help you with anything ranging from recovery to boosted immunity, and more.

IV Therapy provides many benefits and through our many infusion blends we are able to address your specific health concerns. Since the nutrients are being delivered straight to your veins you’ll be able to feel the effects in just a few hours rather than having to wait for absorption time like you normally would through the digestive route.

Customized Treatments

At Simpson Medical we offer customized treatment plans to meet your specific health concerns and fit your nutritional deficiencies. By having a treatment plan that is unique to your health, we’ll be able to target your body’s needs and shorten your recovery time.

Instant Results & Effects

Since IV Therapy delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream, the results take effect just a few hours after treatment. Typically the IV’s take 15-30 minutes to administer, and afterward patients can go right back to their daily activities.

Rapid Vitamin Absorption

When you digest vitamins it can take days to break down the nutrients and for your body to absorb them and feel the effects. Using an IV allows you to skip the digestive process helping the vitamins to absorb more quickly and the results to take effect much faster.–

Promotes Wellness

Lost nutrients, vitamin deficiencies, or dehydration are all concerns that IV Therapy can help with. IV Therapy promotes overall wellness by replenishing your body with those nutrients and vitamins.

IV Therapy at Simpson Medical Center

IV Therapy a great was to get to recovery faster, or to give a boost to your immune system. If you’re ready to try IV Therapy, call (772) 463-2344 today to learn more about the various infusion blends we offer and schedule your next appointment.

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