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No Pain Box

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Now you can have access to all the great products used by your doctors for pain relief!

No over priced items or local store products that don’t work! If you want relief and can’t get to your nearest doctor order your NO PAIN BOX now!

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Why Purchase a NO PAIN BOX?

Simple. You save time and money.

Looking for a solution to your pain? Dr. Simpson and I have come up with a selection of products to ease your pain. Our products can only be purchased in a medical facility! BUT!! We are offering our products to you at cost!

The NO PAIN BOX comforts the following:

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But what’s in the NO PAIN BOX?

We’re glad you asked!

The No Pain Box is only $50.00 and in the box you will receive EMS machine, pain gel, ice/ heat packs, nerve cell health supplements and much more!! With work and our everyday schedules getting to the doctor can be tough!! Order your NO PAIN BOX for instant relief!! Have a friend or loved one in pain? Send a No Pain Box today!

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One word. WHOLESALE!

Our products are not sold over the counter and could only be purchased in a medical office… we are giving it to you at our wholesale cost!!

You probably have Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, and maybe some other pain relievers or items hanging out in your medicine cabinet, but when something hurts, which one should you reach for? Certain drugs and products work better for specific kinds of pain, whether you’re suffering from a headache, muscle aches, joint pain, or some other discomfort. For most minor ailments, an ice pack and pain gel may be all you need! Dr. Simpson and I came up with a list of products that we sell in our office for quick pain relief!

Purchase our NO PAIN BOX today and feel instant relief!

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